Volvo XC90
Volvo XC90 2
AssemblyTorslanda, Sweden

Samutprakarn, Thailand[1] Shah Alam, Malaysia[2]

Jakarta, Indonesia (Indobuana Autoraya)
Engine(s)2.5 L 210 hp turbocharged I5

2.9 L 272 hp I6 3.2 L 238 hp I6 4.4 L 315 hp V8

2.4 L 185 hp (163 hp) Diesel I5
Wheelbase2003–04 & 2007–present: 2,857 mm (112.5 in) 2005–06: 2,859 mm (112.6 in)
Width2003–06: 4,821 mm (189.8 in) 2007–present: 4807 mm (189.3 in)
Height1784 mm (70.2 in)
Curb weight1909 mm (74.7 in)

Jeremy drives a XC90 and described it as a faithful old Labrador.

Winter Olympics BiathlonEdit

In the Winter Olympics Special it took part in a Biathlon. Clarkson drove it madly and could only catch up with James when he crashed and when he had to fold the seats down he had to phone his wife to work out how to do it, despite this it was neck and neck but James got ahead at the last miniute in his Audi Q7.


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