Vauxhall Astra
Jezza presents the Astra

Clarkson presents the Astra

Manufacturer: Vauxhall
Class: Compact car
Speed: Fill me in
Appears in: Series 20-present
Guest: n/a
Ron Howard Lap - Behind the Scenes - Top Gear Series 2003:39

Ron Howard Lap - Behind the Scenes - Top Gear Series 20

The Vauxhall Astra Tech Line GT is a compact car that is available from Vauxhall as part of its fleet car options.

It was utilized as the Reasonably Priced Car, with its use beginning in Series 20 of the BBC motoring show Top Gear.

As per tradition, the Astra was initiated with a star-studded barbeque, featuring celebrities including comedians Jimmy Carr and Warwick Davis, and singers Brian Johnson and Joss Stone. The Astra is Top Gear's fourth reasonably priced car, replacing the Kia Cee'd used from Series 15 through Series 19.

"May not sound like particularly good value"Edit

The Astra is the most expensive car to be used in the Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car segment, with Jeremy quoting a price of £17,345.

The first of the cars used was the much cheaper Suzuki Liana, which was bought for £9995.

The hosts justified the extra expense of the Astra, saying that it was manufactured in Britain and "comes with a lifetime warranty".

It is not certain what the duration of the lifetime of the car is.


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