The History Channel will play the first 10 episodes of this new show this fall. The first attempt at doing the USA version was done by NBC and did not work out. Hopefully the change to the History Channel will free them a bit. Tanner Foust, Adam Ferrara, and Rutledge Wood will be hosting. No idea if that mix will work but at least I see a glimmer of understanding of what makes TG so watchable.

The only bit of the Show I have seen involves a Viper racing a Cobra Attack Helecopter. Sounds a lot like what they did with the Harrier. My feelings on the idea of Top Gear USA will need a Blog post of their very own. It involves some optimism but a fair about of fear too. They are going to be on the History Channel but the history of BBC shows being done in the USA is very, very, very bad.

Oh, and it seems like the name of the show is actually Top Gear America. I think USA works better but oh well. *grins*

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