It would be nice if this Show worked. It really would. I am self-aware enough to realize that if I expect the Top Gear I know and love I will be disappointed. TG is special and the dynamics of that are not going to be duplicated. At least not exactly.

But they could get the Spirit right. Maybe. To me there are 3 things that make Top Gear what it is: Beautiful, exotic machines, adventures with cars and the Cult of Clarkson.

Original TG has 3 guys who are equally matched when it comes to driving and the Challenges. With a race driver as part of TGA obviously things are going to work differently. Will they even need a Stig? Does not seem like they will and that might be a little thing but it does matter.

And boy does history stand against turning BBC shows into American shows...

The amazing dissapointment of Coupling USA

Coupling is a wonderful BBC series. Similar to Friends but smarter and better written. Mostly it is about sex and on the BBC it was a major hit. Then they tried to bring it to the USA. To do so what they did was take the original Scripts and CUT OUT THE GOOD PARTS! Seriously the main core of the episodes just vanished. Watching the American version was just painful.

The Cult of Personality that is Clarkson

So much of what makes TG fun is him and his mates. Either you love him or you hate him but he makes a big impression. The fact that Clarkson works so well on Top Gear is just one of those magical things. You cannot create this it just has to happen. Somehow I doubt that lightning will strike twice under the name Top Gear.

I do hope for the best. If the people making Top Gear America can find some way to duplicate the fun of TG then it might be worth watching.

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