Since I have now seen 4 Series of TG I know how they poke fun at almost everybody. British humor can often be a little bit mean but they are so civilized about it I cannot take offense at anything they say or do. Everybody and everyplace is fair game. Every once in a while they say something on the Show that either my wife or I feel the need to respond to but that is just the nature of things. When Jeremy said there was no nice animals in the Amazon just a bunch of bugs 'designed to give you a horrible, agonizing death' my wife said 'They must never look up. Some of the most amazing birds on the planet are in South America'.

So I am not overly touchy or unable to laugh at myself or the failings of my Country. But with all that said I did not enjoy the America Special. They went to the worst place they could find and did some really, really, dumb things. Nobody needs to test how hard it is to piss off some rednecks. Probably about as hard as getting into a pub fight with some soccer hooligans. I found it a little odd that such civilized people would want to do such stupid things even for a TV Show.

But that is 1 episode out of lots. Most I have liked quite a bit and about a half-dozen or so I simply adore. I just hope that the next time the guys want to come to America they will head to Indy. We will put them in some of the hottest cars on the planet and they can drive them on the fastest 2.5 miles of track ever built. I think they would like that a lot.

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