Just a small suggestion to everyone... A D V E R T I S E

There are so many ways to do this that everyone can contribute in some fashion. Do you visit any Forums? If you do then you can put a link to this Wiki in your Sig block. Does not matter what the Forum is focused on the link will still draw attention. If you have a little free time take a look at some of the Listing Services out there. Most are free and only take a little effort to use. Do you have a Web Site or Forum of your own (a lot of people do these days) then how about a little graphic link to this place somewhere?

I am not sure if we have any little graphics that people can use for these things but if we do not then we NEED them ASAP! Along with that should probably be a page here with link code and the like to make all this easier. This place represents a Golden Opportunity people. As I write this only 25 people are directly involved with this Wiki. That means if you really get involved now you could have influence over the Wiki for the rest of it's existence. While I have been involved with many things of this type and have been Admin in some 30+ places for you this might be your first chance to be part of the inner circle.

Building something like this and seeing it become HUGE is a joy everyone should experience. Regular effort is the coin that buys respect and authority here like anywhere else. So get out there and Spread the Top Gear Wiki Word!

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