Since things are just getting started around here I am just going to brainstorm a bit. A Fan-based Wiki can play a significant role in a TV Series. The one that was done for Lost certainly had an impact on that Show.

Does anyone know if Top Gear is being broadcast on any US Channel? If the only way it is available is via DVD, NetFlix, Amazon or Hula then it will be harder to get people watching. And people have to watch the Show to want to get involved in a Wiki.

TG has a fine Web Site and plenty of pages on Wikipedia itself. This place can connect to and enhance those things with a little thought and a lot of effort.I have not really dug into their Web Site yet but getting a link from there to here should be a high priority item I wuuld think.Top Gear is a fun amazingly long running Series and it deserves a proper Fan-based Wiki but we need a whole lot of people. If this place were more developed I would say try to contact the 3 Hosts directly to see if one might actually show up but for now the focus just has to be on the basics.

Guess I need to really see what has been done around here. But for now there are just so many things that we could do wit the right people involved. Hmmm... I wonder if there is a UK-base Fan Wiki out there anywhere. Hopefully not but might have to look into it. Probably listed on the official Web Site if so.

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