Since I have learned that BBCA only shows 30 minute versions of TG episodes I have to sing the praises of NetFlix. For a small fee you not only gain access to 3 DVDs at a time but also their Instant Play. While only a fraction of their total catalogue is available for Instant play that is still a whole lot of shows. TV Shows, Movies, Documentaries and more all stream to your Computer very nicely.

But spend $100 and you can get a Roku box. Hook that up to the Internet and your TV to really get something wonderful. All the NetFlix Instant View titles become available along with other channels. has a Roku channel where they offer cheap 24-48 hour movie rentals. Amazon gets new Movies as fast as my local Blockbusters. Amazon also offers things you cannot find anywhere else.

Right now NetFlix has Series 10 & 11 of Top Gear. Amazon has Series 8 - 14 available. I just bought Series 9 for $5. When I say bought I mean it is attached to my Amazon account and I can play it when I wish. As far as I know a way to download/copy does not yet exist. But the way I see it I have already got my $5 out of Series 9 and I know I will watch it many, many more times.

Episodes on DVD are 50+ minutes long. There do seem to be some variation between the original Broadcast versions and what comes out on DVD. Most annoyingly these include Billy Piper not being on the DVD. Since I have now seen the clip I cannot imagine why they did that. She is in a see-through top with a bra on. It is sexy but not nudity. Oh well.

So if you really want the full Top Gear Experience I suggest you take a look at NetFlix.

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