Good news everyone! The BBC just unveiled its festive television line-up and guess what was on their scheduling? That's right the now infamous Top Gear special in Argentina, apparently titled the "Patagonia Special". And the good news just keeps on coming! It'll be broadcast in two parts like the Burmese and African Specials before it. I'm genuinely surprised that they're gonna give us two Top Gear specials in one year but hey, I'm not complaining. Maybe this is some form of compensation for a) not giving us a special in 2012 and b) making us wait a whole damn year for series 19 which only had 5 real episodes. Given the media attention on the filming of the special I'd say the "Patagonia Special, Pt. II" will be quite an anticipated television event. In other news, Top Gear continues to surface around the world to film for series 22 (can't believe we've had to wait this long); they were seen in British Columbia the other day and are currently holed up in Trail, a small town near the American border. By my reckoning we'll get at least six episodes in series 22 although it could be more like seven or eight (excluding the two Patagonia Special episodes) depending on how the films they've filmed so far are presented and whether or not they continue to film more items between now and the most likely start date of late January in 2015. If I don't write anything then I wish you all a happy Christmas. Ciao. 

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