Well Jeremy's finally gone and crossed the line. It's hard to believe that after all he's done this - a scuffle with a producer who, apparently, wasn't the one who reported it to the BBC - is what's going to trip him up. So no more Top Gear for a while, I guess. What's more worrying than the BBC shunting the series off air suddenly is that they might pull the whole show too. Jeremy, James, and Richard's contracts are set to expire in April, after which they're free to move on from the BBC altogether. It's starting to look more likely than ever that the BBC might finally take the chance to axe the show for good or the presenters might take the chance to finally break free of the BBC. I think what staggers me the most is that they're going to pull the series off air right this moment. They couldn't have just let the last three episodes go to air and dealt with the controversy later. If it does end it'll be a shame it goes out like this. I always thought Top Gear would be cancelled after some huge on air stuff-up or Jeremy ranting and raving about some sensitive topic on the news segment. But no. Instead Top Gear's downfall is a fight over dinner that we'll never get to see. It seems a shame to end it like that, especially with the end of the last episode being Top Gear UK being defeated by Top Gear US (effectively). I hope that this issue can be resolved and that we might eventually see these last three episodes - which, as an aside, I was really really really looking forward to. Whatever the outcome of this whole situation I hope that the three guys get back on the television together doing what they do best and even if it's not Top Gear on a Sunday night on BBC Two I hope this isn't the end of television's greatest trio.

Update 20/3: Recently it's been revealed that Hammond and May refused to film the show without Clarkson. What do you think of this news? Do you agree that they should stick by Clarkson or do you think they should've just done it anyway. I'm torn on this matter. I think they could've done the shows without him, made a joke out of it, and all would've worked out the same anyway, but I also think that them sticking by Jeremy gives the BBC an even greater reason to reinstate Clarkson. It seems as though if they fire Jeremy, Hammond and May will walk too, and I doubt the BBC is stupid enough to realise that this would be the death of Top Gear.


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