Hi everyone,

I've only just now watched the series 21 final, the second part of the Burma Special, so I haven't posted anything over the last little while. Anyhow, how did everyone enjoy the twenty first series of Top Gear? The boys are certainly getting tired but, in my opinion, despite this series 21 was pretty damn good. The Burma Special was, on the whole, incredible. Like Jeremy said on twitter I found part 2 to be much better than part 1 of the Burma Special. I'm not sure why to be honest but I just felt a little underwhelmed by part 1 but thankfully part 2 was as awesome as I'd hoped. Other series highlights for me were the Ukraine road trip (especially the Chernobyl bit), the test of the Zenvo, and the eighties hot hatches test. What about you guys? Let me know down below... I guess it'll be a while now before series 22 begins. Here's hoping that it comes back in June or July. Besides theres always new TG USA on the way.

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