Today the Mirror published an article saying Jezza, Hamster, and Captain Slow would be signing new deals with the Beebs for three more years of Top Gear. Although I'm hesistant to believe that this news is 100% true - seeing as it is the Mirror after all - I am hopeful that there is a slither of truth in this article. The only bummer is that last time the trio signed a three year deal we only got four series (including the one currently airing). It also means - since they're supposed to be signing in April - that it's likely we'll have to wait a year for series 23, if it goes ahead. It would mean, however, that the show would most likely surpass twenty-five series on air, which would be an incredible achievement! Oh well... Let's hope we hear some news from a *ahem* reliable source soon...

In other news, series 22 has begun airing around the world? What did you think of the opener (I thought it was ok but not their best series premiere if I'm being honest)? What are you looking forward to the most? Australia is on the show next week (Australia is where I currently live) so I'm pretty excited. Will Jeremy have to change his name by the time this (long) series is over? Let me know.

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