So after months of waiting the BBC has finally announced Jeremy Clarkson's replacement as lead presenter on Top Gear will be none other than Chris Evans, who's pretty much always been the obvious choice. Despite oddly rulling himself out early on, Evans has confirmed he will take on the role and will attempt to "do everything [he] possibly can to respect what has gone on before". I should hope so. That's pretty much the only thing the new presenters of Top Gear can do if they want to be succesful in the role. Clarkson, Hammond, and May's shoes are too big to fill and the new presenting team needs to be aware of this. All they can do is acknowledge that they aren't Clarkson, Hammond, and May and forge their own unique bond and develop their own spin on the tried and true format. It'll take time; I have no doubts as to the fact that they won't succeed in their first series. TG USA and TG Australia were both horribly awful in their earlier seasons. And while TG Australia never truly came into it's own - partly because the meddling TV executives over here kept mixing up the presenting team - Adam, Tanner, and Rutledge from TG USA have developed their own unique chemistry as a trio in their more recent series. These things take time; true friendships aren't forged that quickly. 

Whether or not the BBC made the wrong choice in firing Clarkson (they did) is rather redundant now because when all is said and done the BBC simply cannot backflip on their decision. All we can do is welcome Chris Evans to the team and wish him the best of luck in his uphill battle to garner the respect of Top Gear's enormous and understandably angry fan base. 

Welcome to the team, Evans. 

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