Hi everyone,

As I'm sure you all know Top Gear's livestream happened earlier today and was viewed by TG fans across the world. While it was mostly just a chat about past series and the presenters' experiences while filming them, a few new details were revealed about Series 22.

We got a first look at some of the films coming up in the series, such as the Saint Petersburg race (episode 1), the Australian road trip (episode 2), the boys in Canada, the cheap SUV challenge, and Hammond's Land Rover tribute (all episode unknown as of present).

One of the bigger reveals, however, was that of some of the celebrities that will be featured in this series' SIARPC segments: Ed Sheeran (episode 1), Kiefer Sutherland, and Will Smith (both episode unknown as of present). 

Another big reveal was that James May's LaFerrari review will be broadcast in the series, which bodes well for the P1 vs 928 vs LaFerrari shootout we're all hoping for eventually. 

Perhaps the most suprising - and potentially biggest - surprise, however, was that of a small clip near the end of the livestream in which Jeremy tells James "do not let American Top Gear lap British Top Gear". James was in a rally car at the Lydden Hill rally-cross track (which the boys previously visited in episode seven of series eighteen). At a few points in the clip you can see Tanner Foust (one of the hosts of Top Gear USA) racing in his signature Ford Fiesta rally car. Although it's hard to tell for sure, James appears to say "I've got Tanner behind me" at a point in the clip. Jeremy and Hammond, who were at the side of the track, were also wearing racing suits. We can't really deduce from this for sure that this is a TG USA vs UK shooutout akin to the TG Aus vs UK and TG Germany vs UK from previous series, although this is definitely what I'm hoping it is. It is probably more likely that this is a film in which the boys investigate the world of rallying and Tanner Foust is simply a guest star. Either way, it's the only film in the clips (other than May's LaFerrari test) that we didn't know about already.

Let me know if I've forgotten any other reveals.

Mvanterati (talk) 23:54, January 18, 2015 (UTC)

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