The Mclaren-Mercedes SLR

I simply don't know where to begin, the Benz factory rolled out their new car, and out of all merc cars, this one has its own special padded cell.

The SLR is a maverick of British engineering, German precision, and just a little hint of Good old "Power!" it's got the classic 5.4 Litre Handbuilt V8 under its bonnet, an engine in the front instead of the middle, a big boot, small airbrake, it's special aerodynamic front, and that huge air outtakes, Gullwing doors, Upgraded Carbo-ceramic AMG Brakes, Aircutting rims, 5-speed Automatic Gearbox - it all seems good.

But don't be so tempted, you see, aerodynamic design usually means that the car, in the process of making air flow over it better, is also made beautiful, but not this one, It looks - Wierd, to the sides of the headlamps are the air intakes for the radiator, and between that, a long tounge protruding out with a Mercedes logo carved through it... Call that beautiful? It's Hideious! And then there's the extra aerodynamic intakes, it gives the car a mixture of a mole-parrot-fish look, what kind of a supercar is this?

Normally car beauty is defined by things like the Porsche 911 or the Ferrari 430, but this one, isn't beautiful, I can't say it's extremely ugly, but it isn't like some ugly machines - they're so ugly, they're almost beautiful, but not this one, you just never know how to look at it. it resembles a shot-up potato masher that was then send trough a sawmill, the Mercedes engineers has gone too far in making it aerodynamic, they let the air go through the car, instead of letting it go over - that makes it look like a cheese-grater made by a broken machine. Yes it preforms well, yes it goes very fast, yes it has superb handling... but is it really worth it? Going on the streets, I'd be very lucky if i spot a SLK or a SL class in the rich part of town, but again, if you squint from an angle, you might jut be able to fall in love with this Carbon-fibre, 334MPH, 626bhp, 6500rpm monster, it goes from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds, all the stats, all the high tech, you forget about the car's ugliness and the £300,000 price tag, you forget about the lack of metals to make it luxurious, you forget about the gilloutine-like doors, you forget about the long front, all you're left with, is a masterpiece, would I buy it? No, but it's not rubbish, it's engineering at its supreme, if you brought one, you haven't made a mistake.

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