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    SLR review

    May 13, 2010 by Btzkillerv

    The Mclaren-Mercedes SLR

    I simply don't know where to begin, the Benz factory rolled out their new car, and out of all merc cars, this one has its own special padded cell.

    The SLR is a maverick of British engineering, German precision, and just a little hint of Good old "Power!" it's got the classic 5.4 Litre Handbuilt V8 under its bonnet, an engine in the front instead of the middle, a big boot, small airbrake, it's special aerodynamic front, and that huge air outtakes, Gullwing doors, Upgraded Carbo-ceramic AMG Brakes, Aircutting rims, 5-speed Automatic Gearbox - it all seems good.

    But don't be so tempted, you see, aerodynamic design usually means that the car, in the process of making air flow over it better, is also made beautiful, but no…

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