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    Episode list table layouts

    December 18, 2011 by Annonnimus

    I'm trying to figure out a better table layout for the Episode list page. The current layout (copied directly from Wikipedia) doesn't work well with Wikia's fixed width and makes the tables look messy and crammed.

    I created a couple of sample layouts which I think would make the page look a little better, but I'd like for the community to decide which one (if any), would do the best job. If you'd like to help, check out the layouts and let me know which one looks the best. Thanks :)

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  • Annonnimus

    It's a sad day for us all, well at least for me.

    It appears the "white Stig" (I will not reveal his real name if you don't want to know) wanted to earn some extra money by writing a book. BBC tried to get an injunction to stop the publisher from releasing the book, but they were refused one, so the publishers realised Stig's name to the public.

    And so, we will probably see another Stig die in the next series.

    White Stig
    2003 - 2010

    Don't click on those links if you don't want to know the identity if the stig

    The Guardian

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