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The Triumph Herald was a small two-door car introduced in 1959 by the Standard-Triumph Company of Coventry. Body design was by the Italian stylist Michelotti and the car was offered in saloon, convertible, coupé, van, and estate models.

Total Herald sales numbered well over 300,000 and the Vitesse, Spitfire and GT6 were all based on modified Herald chassis and running gear with bolt-together bodies. Heralds are still seen on British roads in the early 21st century.

The Amphibious Car ChallengesEdit

The Triumph Herald was the car that James used in the Amphibious Car challenge and the Amphibious Car Challenge 2.

Amphibious Car ChallengeEdit

May used the rig of a Mirror dinghy to turn a classic Triumph Herald into a sailing boat.

Amphibious Car Challenge 2Edit

May upgraded and used the same Triumph Herald he had used in the original challenge.

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