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Top Ground Gear Force (or TGGG for short) was a one-off TV special featuring the Top Gear presenters. It was produced for Sport Relief 2009 which Hammond was presenting. TGGG involved the Top Gear presenters mimicking the gardening show Ground Force and doing up an unsuspecting persons backyard. The 'lucky' recipient of their makeover was Sir Stephen Redgrave. The presenters had also hired some Poles (polish people) to help them.

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Top Ground Gear Force-0

Top Ground Gear Force-0


Richard's digger

Richard's digger on it's side.

Jeremy TGGG

Jeremy next to his water fountain pump

James' Shed on fire

James' shed on fire.

Richard Hammond was appointed the team leader being the only one from the countryside (And drew the plans since he went to art college). He failed to impress Jeremy and James though with his garden plans as they both insisted there was a shed and a water fountain. They wasted an hour, talking about the plants as Clarkson would shoot some instead of using a trowel. James and Jeremy were sent to a garden shop to pick up the supplies they needed whilst Hammond dug a long 'river' with a mini digger. He later crashed his mini digger into the ditch he had created and was forced to hire a bigger digger to pull it out. This plan failed though and only resulted with big digger tracks all through the garden. Once they returned James completed his shed moments before Clarkson shot it accidentally. He broke a window in the process. Whilst James, Jeremy and Richard had trouble getting a seat over and around a tree as it was too tall and too dangerous for Clarkson to shoot the branches off. They hired a crane and Richard attempted to hoist the seat up and over the tree. However, the crane was too heavy and begun to sink into the lawn and because of his inexperience with cranes, Hammond accidentally flung the seat into James' shed (this destroyed the shed and wooden seat) which Clarkson laughs at. 5 hours had passed and all they did was dug a trench, crash a digger, knock over James' shed, concreted half the lawn, ruined the other half with Caterpillar tracks, broke a seat, shot some flowers, and wounded one of the Poles. James managed to fix his shed, but Jeremy then decided to remove a rock with a bomb as it was 'too much effort'. As he spoke, he had to tell some trumpeters, sent from Salvation Army to stop for a little so he can explain what he was doing. The explosion sent bits of rock into James' shed destroying it for the third time. James was upset about this, cursing to clarkson about the blasted shed and asked what time they are on and even told Clarkson 'you're a fu....'. Meanwhile, Hammond had become stuck in the cement Jeremy had ordered to cover a large portion of the garden, because Clarkson gets hay fever (And Hammond asked Lady Redgrave earlier if Steve, herself or any of their family members get hay fever, which she simply answers 'No') and Clarkson forced the trumpeters to leave when they annoyed Clarkson more and when Clarkson destroyed one of their instuments. Jeremy eventually pulled Hammond out and some rugby posts that Jeremy had ordered arrived and he and the Poles assembled it but Lady Redgrave informed Hammond that Steve (neither herself or any of their family members) doesn't play rugby. Whilst hoisting it up they accidentally dropped it onto James shed, destroying it for the fourth time. Meanwhile, Hammond had been working on his barbecue system which used a jet engine to cook the meat. As he demonstrated this to May and Clarkson however, the chicken was flung off the blades as it was spinning too fast and the flames from the engine set James' shed on fire and he and Clarkson fight over a fire extinguisher and 'accidentally' sprays some at Hammond's groin. At this point Redgrave arrived home and was unimpressed, causing the Poles to flee. Clarkson went inside and apologises about the backyard, but Redgrave later saw the funny side of it however.


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