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Top Gear South Korea is the South Korean adaptation of BBC's popular Top Gear; currently it is the only Asian spin-off of the show. It was officially announced on the 21st of June 2011 by numerous news sources. The show closely follows the same format as the British version and includes 3 presenters. They are Kim Jin-Pyo (a car driving pro), Kim Kap-Soo (a car and bike enthusiast), and Yeon Jung-Hoon (a member of the Korean celebrity racing circuit). There have been three series of Top Gear South Korea, clips of which can be watched on the official YouTube channel for the show.

Helicopter CrashEdit

Top Gear Korea helicopter crash01:34

Top Gear Korea helicopter crash

In February 2013 a helicopter crashed on the set of Top Gear Korea in America. The Cobra AH-1 was racing against a Corvette ZR-1, driven by one of the hosts, when it lost altitude and crashed into the grounds next to the race track. No one was injured in the incident. The show was filming a segment revolving around Corvette ZR-1, with a host of the show first doing a power test of the car in the desert of Arizone before racing the helicopter around a makeshift race track at an airport nearby.

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