Official emblem of the TGPD

The Top Gear Police Department, abbreviated to the TGPD, is a fictional police force featured in the first episode of series twenty one of Top Gear. All three presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, featured as 'officers' in the TGPD. As the final test in the 80s hot hatches challenge the presenters were tasked with evading the other two presenters, posing as officers in the TGPD, for as long as possible. The challenge took place at an abandoned army base in Wales. In the end, Jeremy won the challenge evading the TGPD for 14 hours, 22 minutes, James came in second with an evasion time of 14 hours, 21 minutes, and Richard in last with a time of 8 seconds.

Pursuit TechEdit

The officers of the TGPD had a wide array of pursuit vehicles and equipment at their disposal during the challenge. These are listed below:

Official Name Description Used on... Effectiveness
TGPD Pursuit Vehicle Vauxhall Astra Jeremy Clarkson, James May, Richard Hammond Variable
Magnetron of Justice Crane with magnet attachment Jeremy Clarkson Ineffective - Failed to pick up Golf due to having a velvet exterior
Remote-Controlled Car of Death RC car with explosive attachment Jeremy Clarkson Effective - Exploded 1 x Clarkson
Prongs of Doom JCB HMEE James May Ineffective - Unused Against Target
Drone of Intrusiveness Military drone James May Variable - Located 1 x May after only one crash
Eaty Thing of Devastation Mine clearance machine James May Ineffective - Applied to Wrong Target
Tank of Righteousness Decommissioned 2S1 Gvodzdika SPG James May Effective - Exploded 1 x May

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