Top Gear Dog

Top Gear Dog was a dog that was owned by the Top Gear team. She went with them on their caravan holiday and vomited copiously in the boot of their car and was "kidnapped" alongside Hammond by an elderly fan but returned. She is mostly seen, lying outside. Some considered her a pseudo-presenter. Top Gear Dog was originally (and somewhat jokingly) going to be named 'Prius' after the Toyota hybrid of the same name, however Clarkson stated "that would have been cruel, and she would have eaten a lot more than we were expecting". She was introduced in the 2006 series of Top Gear (when less than one year old) which chronologically is Series 8. She made a brief appearance in Series 9 on the fifth episode when they needed to scare sheep away from a field where they need to plant petrol seeds, but Top Gear Dog just ran along the field with Hammond.

Death Edit

Top Gear Dog died in early January 2017, a date was not announced on her Twitter profile. Top Gear dog was born in 2006 making her a very young puppy in her first Top Gear appearance.

Behind the scenes Edit

Top Gear Dog was actually owned by Richard Hammond (she was known in his household as 'TG'), and she is female. She is a labradoodle (a labrador/poodle cross); a hybrid hence the original name. It is possible she hated James May as she threw up on him the first time they met.

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