Ewen while testing the V8 bowling machine.

Top Gear Australia returned for a fourth and final season in 2011. The final series premiered on the 30th of August on Channel 9. Only three episodes of the planned six episode series were aired on television before the show was cancelled by Channel 9. It was the first series ever in TGA history were no changes were made to the presenting team. The three unaired episodes were released on a DVD of the series along with the three that did make it to air and an episode from the third series which did not air either.

Episode listEdit

Episode Description
Episode 1 All three presenters attempt to revamp rally driving by introducting a new twist: the drivers are blindfolded. Ewen reviews the Volvo S60-R and attempts to review FJ Cruiser while Jacobson tries to break a world record. *
Episode 2 Is a supercar really better than a ute? To find out the presenters stage a race from one side of a mountain to the other. Steve takes the long route around the mountain in an Audi R8 while Steve and Shane go over the mountain in a VW Amarok. *
Episode 3 The presenters subject the cheapest car in Australia to twenty years of harsh treatment in just 24 hours. Later, Shane drives the Redback Spyder -  a crazy car built by one man in his shed. *
Episode 4, Movie Stunt Special The presenters become stunt men for the day, attempting to film a professional movie stunt sequence with just one day of training. Later, the presenters pay tribute to motoring legend Peter Brock. **
Episode 5 The presenters try to break a land speed record in the smallest car in the world: the Peel P50. Later, Shane thrashes the V8 FPV GT Falcon. **
Episode 6 In the series finale, the presenters each build a DIY beach buggy, by converting some everyday cars into sand munchers. The presenters also take an insightful look at alternative fuels. **

* - the following episodes aired on television
** - the followng episodes did not air on television

V8 to the Rescue:Edit

V8 to the Rescue was a new segment introduced in series 4. It features the presenters using a V8 engine to, intheir minds, fix a common problem. So far they used it for a see-saw, kebab rotator, and bowling machine. All of these have failed. The segment was featured at the end of the episode.