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A member of James' team hits the ball

The Thorough Cee'd Test was a road test conducted by Jeremy Clarkson on the new Kia Cee'd, a newer version of Top Gear's third reasonably priced car. The test was featured in the fourth episode of series nineteen of Top Gear. The test culminated in match of car rugby, similar to that of car football played by James and Richard in an earlier series. Jeremy concluded that the new Cee'd was a brilliant car through his tests.


Is it faster than the old model?

To see if the new Kia Cee'd was faster than the one Top Gear used at the time as the reasonably priced car, Jeremy flew in Matt LeBlanc, the fastest celebrity around the track in the Kia Cee'd, to take both around the test track. He managed a 1:47.0 in the old model and a 1:45.2 in the new model, indicating that the new car is indeed faster than the old one.

Is it easy to park?

To test this, Jeremy set up a row of parked cars along the runway of the Top Gear test track. The Kia Cee'd has a new feature in which sensors can detect if a parking space is big enough to fit in to. After finding a space, the car can then park itself. To demonstrate this, Jeremy put on a blindfold and then made the Kia do a reverse parallel park by itself which it managed to do, astounding Clarkson.

Is it made in Slovakia?


Can you plug a guitar into it?

To find out, Jeremy plugged a lead into the AUX slot of the car and then asked a local guitarist (Eric Clapton) to try it out. Clapton was impressed with the sound and so Jeremy decided to pass the car on this test.

What if you are a sodium and eel salesman?

Jeremy says that this is a problem because if any amount of sodium comes into contact with the water for the eel, the results are literally explosive. To demonstrate this, Jeremy poured 100 grams of sodium into a container of water - the explosion ripped through the container, leaving a massive hole in its side. Jeremy also loaded some sodium and water into another car. The explosion destroyed the car. Jeremy says that this is no problem for the Cee'd as there are two compartments in the boot, meaning the eel and the sodium can be separate from one another.

Can officer John McClane operate the horn?

To find out, Jeremy visited Bruce Willis on the set of A Good Day to Die Hard with a new Kia Cee'd. After Bruce Willis honked the horn for a considerable amount of time, Jeremy was satisfied that the horn was easy to operate.

Is it cheaper than a Ford Focus?

A mid range Kia Cee'd is £17,195 and a mid range Ford Focus is £17,200. Jeremy concluded that the Cee'd was indeed cheaper and if you bought one over the Focus, you'd have five extra pounds to spend on "things".

Can you play rugby in it?

In order to find out, Jeremy staged a game of rugby against James May, playing their game at Twickenham Stadium. James and Jeremy would each be driving Kia Cee'ds along with other drivers, while the forwards would be Kia Sportages. The Stig was made the referee.

At halftime, the score is 12-0, with Jeremy having scored two tries and made one conversion. In the second half, James stages a comeback, getting his team in the lead with minutes to go. With the score at 14-12 to James, a member of Jeremy's team breaks free, scoring a try in the dying minutes, taking the score to 14-17 and giving Jeremy's team the win. In the process of the match, the grounds of Twickenham were destroyed but Jeremy and James discovered that the Cee'ds were very tough cars.

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