Working mans drag race

Start of the Working Man's Drag Race

The Top Gear Ashes was a competition held between the presenters of Top Gear UK and Top Gear Australia. It was first broadcast on Australian television on Channel Nine as the first episode of Top Gear Australia's 3rd season. It was later broadcast on the Top Gear UK on the 2nd episode of the 16th series. The name 'the Ashes' comes from the real cricket competition between Australia and Britain.


"The Working Man's Drag Race"Edit

For the first event the presenters were told that they would compete in a drag race using only a working man's car. The Top Gear Australia team decides to use a HSV Maloo, whereas the Top Gear UK team decides to use a Ford Transit. The Transit wins however, as it was fitted with a twin-turbo Jaguar XJ220 engine. The Aussies were, obviously, not too happy about this, and neither was the driver of the van, Richard, who got the shock of his life when the Transit accelerated.

"The Double-Decker Car Race"Edit

For the second event the presenters had a race in double-decker cars; the bottom car has no steering wheel and the top car has no brakes or throttle, similar to the challenge during "TopGear vs. The Germans". However, to compensate for coming from, in TopGear UK's view, an upside-down country, the top cars for the Aussies were placed upside down. The first team to complete a certain number of laps wins. The Top Gear UK team lost in the end because Hammond and May stopped for a full lap.

"Synchronised Drifting"Edit

For the third event the presenters were instructed that they must perform in front of the other team a synchronized drifting show. Jeremy and the UK Stig used a Jaguar XK and an Aston Martin V12 Vantage respectively. The Australian team lost the challenge thanks to a lack of coordination and their inferior Vauxhall Omegas. When it comes to the scoring, Hammond accidentally gives them 11 instead of a planned 1.1 thus, giving the UK team a win by 20 - 11.

"Sheep Herding"Edit

For the fourth event the presenters were told that they must herd sheep using motorbikes. The TopGear Australia team won the event thanks to the TopGear UK team losing the sheep and Clarkson failing to start his motorbike and ride it efficiently.

"The Race"Edit

Top Gear Final Ashes Challenge

The cars used for the final Ashes challenge

The fifth and final event was a point-to-point rally race in Proton Super 2000 rally cars. The Australian team were given a 15.1 second head start (because they were 15.1 points up on the leaderboard). However, thanks to 'James' (really the Stig) taking a shortcut through a paddock the Top Gear UK team win.

The Australian's preparationEdit

In preparation for the challenge, the TopGear Australia team spent a week in Britain learning 'the culture'. They eventually went to a safari park in Peel P50s because Clarkson claims "it will toughen you up". They succesfully make it through the safari park unharmed, however a rhino nearly charges at Steve Pizzati whom was in the P50 upfront.


The Top Gear Ashes/Quotes

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