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Stig eyes

The Stig's eyes seen due to a camera flash.

The Stig's true identity is never revealed on the show, and in order to maintain the secrecy, all shots show him wearing full racing overalls and matching Simpson Diamondback helmet. All that can be seen from the gap between The Stig's helmet and jumpsuit is that he is a white male with dark hair. It is also known that he wears Size 9 racing boots as discovered by the Sunday Times and a well-timed camera flash managed to show The Stig's eyes by Auto Trader.

The identity of the Black Stig was revealed to be Perry McCarthy when his book Flat Out, Flat Broke was published in 2003. McCarthy is a former Formula 1 driver and test driver for the Benetton, Arrows and Williams teams, and also tested for BMW F1.

The White StigEdit

The identity of the White Stig has not been "officially" revealed by the BBC. In a Winter Olympics special episode of Top Gear, The Stig was shown doing a ski jump using a snowmobile. According to the Swedish tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet, the driver performing the ski jump stunt was Dan Lang, a Swedish snowmobile cross driver. In January 2006, a Daily Express article reported that Julian Bailey was The Stig. The Stig has talked in an interview with a Dutch TV Channel, Veronica where he had a distinctly English accent. Both Darren Turner and Ben Collins have been linked to the role, with The Scotsman quoting Susie Stoddart as stating "OK, there are two Stigs. One is Ben Collins and the other is Darren Turner. How do I know? I'm a racing driver, nothing stays a secret for long in motorsport."

Collins has also been the subject of online speculation, although he has denied this, stating "those rumours are absolute nonsense" in the Western Daily Press newspaper. Collins was also referred to in the Health and Safety Executive report into the accident of Richard Hammond, named as a person "who worked closely with Top Gear as a high performance driver and consultant". However the report did not go so far as to name him as the Stig. In January of 2007 Auto Trader also commented on the possibility that Collins is The Stig, noting online speculation after "his appearance on Top Gear as part of a parachuting stunt", but also commenting that "(a)t 1.87m in height (over six feet) he could be too tall for the Stig’s racing suit." They quoted William Hill as offering odds of 8/1 against Collins being The Stig, with Russ Swift the 2/1 favourite. While Top Gear was filming in Zolder on 22 May 2008 doing a future segment, a camera crew shot footage claiming that they pictured The Stig as test driver Tim Schrick, though further evidence has refuted that claim, including Tim Schrick racing the Stig as part of the Germany vs England feature in Episode 6 of Series 11.

Both Russ Swift and Perry McCarthy have claimed that there is more than one driver who plays the role of The Stig.

Some say that the white Stig is actually Michael Schumacher as this was revealed recently, during the Ferrari FXX segment. However, later on in the same episode, Clarkson and Hammond decided that he wasn't the Stig due to his poor performance in the Suzuki Liana.

In a Mothers' Day Special, the presenters joked that James May's mother was the Stig, due to the fact that she drove suprisingly fast.

On August 19, 2010 it was revealed that the BBC was attempting to prevent HarperCollins from publishing racing driver Ben Collins autobiography, because it stated inside that he was the White Stig. However, the action was dropped by the court, and therefore revealing that Ben Collins is the Stig.

The story about Stig will never end...

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