A Jaguar XJ. Similar to Jeremy's

The Race Against God was a race featured in the 16th series of Top Gear. Jeremy drove a Jaguar XJ across the width of Britain (west to east). His goal was to 'beat God' by getting to the other side of Britain before sunrise (he left at sunset). To make it harder the producers set the challenge on the shortest night of the year.

Race OverviewEdit

The race began at Land's End and Jeremy started off badly. He worked out that he would have to average 60mph in order to win the race. However, he soon became stuck behind a slow car. Eventually the car turned off onto another road and Jeremy immediately put his foot down. He was however, faced with another dilemma almost instantly. He had the choice of travelling on the A303 or the M5. Both had disadvantages and advantages but he decided to use the A303 because it was more 'fun' in a car like the Jaguar. Eventually, he arrived at Lowestoft, the finishing point, and won the race by just 5 minutes.

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