The Interceptors is the name of Jeremy, Richard, and James' fake 1970's detective show that they created for their Jensen Interceptor tribute. They created a title sequence for the TV show in which the presenters are credited as Jason Clarkson, Roger St. Hammond, and James Steed. The 50 second long sequence was shown in the 17th series of Top Gear.


The Interceptors TITLE SEQUENC

Still from the title sequence for 'The Interceptors'

Various coloured backgrounds of Richard, Jeremy or James dancing, clips of casinos or places and on a green background as the group dances, the title "The Interceptors" come below them as they still dance. The first to star is James May, who is credited as 'James Steed', who holds a Sten sub-machine gun, glasses and moustache, standing next to his Interceptor. The next is Richard Hammond, who karate chops a punching bag and is credited as 'Roger St. Hammond'. And there is Jeremy Clarkson, with a Walther P38 and girls in his Interceptor and is credited as 'Jason Clarkson.' First, James destroys a speed boat, second, Roger is held at gunpoint by a goon with a revolver, but he easily karate chops him unconscious and keeps driving. As car chases go on, James pursues a goon, who is on foot and as James gets out, the man fires his gun but James kills him with his gun. Roger goes to Playboy club and karate chops a valet unconscious. Jason pursues a plane in is car with James watching from the control tower and Jason stops in front of the plane, shoots the pilot and a girl comes out. Jason happily pops a cork off a champange bottle. On a yellow background, Roger kicks a dancing girl in the crotch and all the Interceptors in a line and in the final clip, they prepare themselves.

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