The Dominator plowing the closed road in Norway

The Dominator (A.K.A. "The Snow-bine Harvester" or "The Combine Snow Harvester" or "The Snowbine-Ester") was a creation of Jeremy, Richard, and James'. The Dominator is a combine harvester with the front blades removed and a snowplow attached instead. It also features a flame-thrower (at Jeremy's request) and an overly-powerful gritter. It was featured in the 16th series of Top Gear.


Originally the team constructed the Dominator in the UK, owing to the country's inability to cope with snow and the apparent lack of snowplowing equipment. Unfortunately, the weather at the time showed no sign of snow whatsoever, so for the test they decided to take it to a country where there was snow - Norway.

Firstly, they first attempted to construct a runway for a light aircraft to land on. Furthermore, they were plowing on top of a frozen lake. They barely made it on the ice as the Dominator was so heavy (there was a real risk of it falling through), but they managed to plow a runway succesfully. However, it was not smooth enough for the pilot to land safely and the plane crashed.

They then decided to try and clear some roads that were in use. Jeremy also decided to test out the flame-thrower; this caused numerous problems and Jeremy burnt a sign and set fire to a skier. In addition, they got the Dominator stuck in a little village because of a communications break-down, resulting in the breaking of a number windows thanks to the overpowered gritting machine. After pulling into a petrol station, James decided to help out by a plowing away a large pile of snow on the forecourt - but, under the snow, a car was buried, and the Dominator crashed into it. The boys then drove away, retreating to a hotel for the night.

The next day, they finally decided to plow a road that was closed so as they didn't cause any more destruction. They began to plow a steep mountain pass that had been closed because of the weather. During the journey, Richard lost his wedding ring in the gritting machine, and the Dominator got stuck a number of times. Despite all of this, they reached the small village in the mountains and the road was reopened.


The Dominator is currently on display at the "World of Top Gear: Updated & Extended" exhibition at the Beaulieu National Motor Museum. It first joined the exhibition in May 2011 alongside the double-decker cars used in the Top Gear Ashes.


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