Bus Race Shot

The Best Bus for London Race was featured in the fifth episode of TopGear Series 12. It was staged by Richard Hammond in order to find the best bus for London. 5 buses were chosen and the winner was the first to cross the finish line at Lydden Hill race circuit.

Buses Edit

Vehicle Type Driver
1987 Leyland Olympian Double Decker Tom Chilton
1993 Dennis Dart Single Decker Anthony Reid
Mercedes O 305 G Bendy Bus Gordon Shedden
Blue and Yellow Bendy Bus Richard Hammond
1997 Metrorider Compact Hopper Bus Matt Neal

Race Edit

The race started after the lights turned green and the drivers avoided body contact for half a lap after Matt bumped into Richard and once again everyone ignored Hammond's strict rule. After 2 or 3 laps Richard released that finding the best bus was harder than he fought because they had good and bad points, as the Double Decker was bouncing all over the place and going on 2 wheels after turning a corner. The Single Decker was quick and at one stage did a drift which Hammond found majestic and the Bendy buses tails were skidding all over the place and at that stage the drivers turn up the wick with all the driver bumping and barging into each other and another screen shot saw the Double Decker on 2 wheels again at the same corner. The first to suffer was the hopper bus getting squashed by Richard and the Single Decker Bus who then attacked Richard damaging the center of his bus and punctured one of his Tyre's and the other Bendy Bus used its back to attack him. On the final lap it was a two horse race between the Double and Single Decker bus but on the last corner the Double Decker fell on its side which Hammond said was a crash test and the winner was the Single Decker because it was quick, at the end Richard was going to collect all the finding and get them straight to Boris Johnson's office.

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