Stars in a Rallycross Car is the successor to the Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car segment that previously appeared on the show. During the transition to Series 23 and the new hosts, the reasonably priced car was replaced by a rallycross version of a Mini Cooper and the track was modified to include two off-road sections. The first section included a water obstacle and the second included a jump. The off-road sections were designed by ((name and qualifications to be added here)).

Each segment features two stars taking the run through the course. Host Chris Evans holds a competition prior to showing their lap times where the audience votes on which car each star first owned is better, and which of their current cars are best.

Rallycross car Edit

For the first episode featuring the new car and track, Gordon Ramsay and Jessie Eisenberg were the first two stars to take part in this event.

  1. 1:56.3 - Gordon Ramsay
  2. 2:10.9 - Jesse Eisenberg
  3. 1:54.4 - Bear Grylls
  4. 1:53.9 - Brian Cox
  5. 2:21.6 - Jennifer Saunders (Appalling)
  6. 2:12.0 - Patrick Dempsey (Appalling)
  7. 2:27.1 - Greg Davies (Appalling)
  8. 1:53.9 - Damian Lewis
  9. 1:57.7 - Kevin Hart
  10. 1:52.6 - Anthony Joshua
  11. 2:16.4 - Paul Hollywood (Very Wet)
  12. 2:01.4 - Sharleen Spiteri

Time deductions Edit

On occasion, an additional term is written next to the time (such as "Wet"). This indicates that the Stig and the Top Gear team consider that the prevalent weather conditions have hindered the car's performance and consequently the comaparative accuracy of the lap time.

The time on the board is not adapted; a time of 1:50 with the MM (Mildly Moist) classification is deemed to be equivalent to 1:48 on a normal dry track.

The following list displays the handicap terms used on the programme with their corresponding approximate time disadvantages:

Term Conditions Adjustment
HOT Track surface or car performance affected by high temperature / humidity -2 seconds
Mildly moist (MM) Track surface slightly damp after light rain or drizzle -2 seconds
Wet (W) / Melted snow (MS) Track surface wet due to light rain / melted snow -4 seconds
Very wet (VW) Track surface wet (with large puddles) due to heavy rain -6 seconds
Appalling Heavy rain caused flooding in the water obstacle to be determined

Introduction speeches and quotes Edit

Stars in a Rallycross Car/Introductions


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