The introductions and ridiculous speeches to a Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car guest.

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Episode 5: Kristin Scott Thomas

Jeremy: My guest tonight is a Hollywood star, she's the eppifony of love--

Richard: Wow, does your heart flutter as you talk about it?

James: Does your tongue grow pretty big?

Richard pretends his tongue is growing.

Jeremy: Will you two grow up!? Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Kristin Scott Thomas!

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Episode 8: James Blunt

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James: (video) There's a pretty big jet there.

Jeremy: Concentrate on the track, not the scenery!

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Episode 2: Will Young

Jeremy: My guest tonight, won a show called 'Pop Idol', which means I've never heard of him.

The crowd laughs.

Jeremy: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, that man over there!

Will laughs as the crowd cheers and heads up to Jeremy.

Will: You know who I am!

Jeremy: I do! It's Will Young, everybody!

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Episode 3: Jonathan Ross (second appearance)

Jeremy: My guest tonight, is a prodigious Tweeter, in fact, he Tweeted only just this morning to say he was gonna appear on the show, dressed as a Mexican. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Jonathan Ross!

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Jonathan: (video) I think Clarkson arranges bad weather for me.

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Episode 4: Hugh Jackman

Jeremy: Now, my guest tonight is enormously famous these days because of his massive sideburns and because you wouldn't want to shake hands with him. Don't worry, it's not John McCririck. It is, in fact, Wolverine.

The crowd laughs a bit.

Jeremy: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Hugh Jackman!

The crowd cheers a lot as Hugh comes up to the stage.

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Episode 3: James Blunt (second appearance)

Jeremy: Now, my guest tonight is the only British musician who can drive a tank, fire a mortar and strip an assault rifle. Apart from Posh Spice, obviously. Ladies and gentlemen, James Blunt!

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James: (video) There's a private jet over there. That could get me home!