The fourth series of Top Gear began on May 9, 2004, and concluded on August 1, 2004. The series contained 10 episodes.

Episodes Edit

Episode Film(s) Power Test SIARPC
1 Jeremy races Richard and James across Europe to Monte Carlo. Jeremy uses an Aston Martin DB9 with Richard and James on board a selection of European Trains. Elsewhere James looks at the Rover CityRover. Jeremy later takes on an Apache Helicopter Gunship in a Lotus Exige. Lotus Exige (Jeremy) Fay Ripley
2 Jeremy takes a drive in the Alfa Romeo 166. Richard reviews the new Cadillac Escalade before allowing a Nun to Drive a Monster Truck. James has a look at the new Fab-1. Mercedes SLR McLaren (Jeremy) Paul McKenna
3 The Presenters are each given £100 and told to buy a car before they are given a number of challenges. Richard considers buying a 1960s Dodge Charger. Porsche 911 GT3 RS vs Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale (Jeremy) Jordan (Katie Price)
4 Jeremy attempts to drive the Audi A8 V8 TDi from London to Edinburgh and then back again on one tank. James races the Ford SportKa against a pigeon. Richard and James compete in a game of Car Darts. Porsche Carrera GT (Jeremy) Ronnie O'Sullivan
5 The presenters head to Pendinine Sands to test three RWD Sports Cars against each other. Richard looks at three new hatchbacks before putting the Golf under high electric voltage. MG ZT (Jeremy) Johnny Vaughn, Denise Van Outen
6 Jeremy takes a look at the Nissan Cube. James looks at a modernised version of the Jaguar XJ-S. Richard reviews the Cadillac CTS before seeing If a car can run on poo. Renault Clio Renaultsport (Jeremy) Sir Terry Wogan
7 Jeremy reviews the Mercedes CL65 AMG, the most powerful Mercedes ever, putting in a tug of war and drag racing it against a DB9 and a Conti GT. James and Richard compare the new MPV's from Renault and Ford by posing as Mini-Cab Drivers. Spyker C8 (Jeremy) Lionel Richie
8 James heads to Italy to review the Maserati Quattroporte. Richard makes a tribute to the Rover V8 before testing how powerful a Jet Engine is. Ford GT (Jeremy) Martin Clunes
9 Richard has a look at two seater roadsters before him and James have a go in more expensive convertibles. James sees if a parachutist can land in a car. Elsewhere Jeremy reviews the Jaguar X Type. None Sir Ranulph Finnes
10 Jeremy has a look at the new BMW X3, while Richard has a go in the new Peugeot 407. James attempts an antique sale in a Volvo V50. Chevrolet Corvette C6 (Richard) Patrick Kielty