The trio in Colorado

The second series of the Amazon Prime motoring show The Grand Tour, featuring ex-Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond, will air sometime later in 2017. Filming is currently underway for the series. May, in an interview on The One Show, claimed that the series would premiere in October or November. However, following Hammond's broken knee and Clarkson's pneumonia diagnosis, it is likely that the series will be delayed. Filming for the series will begin in October in the Cotswolds, which will serve as the permanent studio base for the current series.

A first trailer was released on the 11th of July, offering a first look at the films of the series, the Mozambique Special, and Hammond's crash.

Production Edit

Filming for the series began sometime near the end of March. During a DriveTribe livestream on Facebook, the presenters revealed that they were planning to visit Africa, France, the United States, and Georgia over the course of filming for the new series. So far, the presenters have been spotted in all locations except for Georgia.

On the 20th of March, 2017 news emerged that Hammond had been injured in a motorcycle accident while filming in Mozambique. Clarkson, Hammond, and May were all in Mozambique for the shoot at the time of the accident. Hammond did not sustain any life-threatening injuries from the crash, though various reports suggest that he was knocked unconscious.

On the 11th of June, 2017 news emerged that Hammond had been involved in another accident while filming for the series. This time, Hammond had crashed a Rimac Concept One during filming for a hill climb segment in Switzerland. Hammond sustained no life-threatening injuries but has a fractured knee as a result, while the car caught fire after the incident.

In early August, while on holiday, it was reported that Clarkson had been admitted to hospital in Mallorca to be treated for pneumonia. This event, coupled with Hammond's accident, are likely to push the premiere of the series into late 2017 or early 2018.

The team has also visited Colorado and Croatia and filmed segments in the U.K.

Further, the trio has been spotted shooting in New York - though only Clarkson was seen in a car, the new Ford GT. Later in September, Clarkson, Hammond, and May were seen in Pau, France with a series of classic British sports cars. In early October, the trio were spotted in Penticton in the province of British Columbia, Canada with three SUVs. Later, they were spotted boarding a flight from Calgary International Airport in the province of Alberta, Canada.

A press release in late September, confirming that the studio tent would no longer travel the world, revealed that the presenters have visited five continents over the course of filming for the series. With Europe (the U.K., France, Croatia, Switzerland), North America (the U.S., Canada), Africa (Mozambique), and Asia (the U.A.E.) known to have been visited, the final fifth continent is still unaccounted for.[1]

Studio Segments Edit

Following numerous delays in the production of the series - notably Hammond's accident and Clarkson's diagnosis with pneumonia - it was announced in late September that the show would not featuring the roaming tent studio segments as in the previous series. Instead, it was announced that the show would film its studio segments for the second season entirely within the U.K., as was the case when the presenters starred on Top Gear.

The tent, for series 2, will be permanently based in the Cotswolds.

Previously, in the last series, the show filmed in numerous locations around the world, including the U.K. in addition to Germany, the U.S., South Africa, and the United Arab Emirates.

Known Items Edit

  • The trio head across Mozambique, with May in a Mercedes Estate, Clarkson in a Nissan Pickup and Hammond on a bike
  • The trio head to Switzerland in three supercars. Hammond crashed his Rimac Concept One during a hill climb event. Clarkson was in a Lamborghini Aventador S and May was in an Honda NSX
  • The trio head to Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. May, as can be seen in the trailer, is driving a second-hand Jaguar plated in California. Hammond and Clarkson are also driving second-hand Jaguars.
  • The trio head to Croatia. Hammond is in an Ariel Nomad, Clarkson in an Audi TT-RS, and May is known to have been present during the filming - a recently revealed trailer appears to show May with a homemade fire-engine, with a fictitious 'Zadar Fire Department' embossed on the side.
  • The team try their hand, once more, at building an amphibious vehicle
  • Clarkson drives the Bugatti Chiron in the French Riveria
  • Hammond drives a tank in Dubai
  • Clarkson, Hammond, and May head to Pau in three classic British sports cars.
  • Track Tests of the McLaren 720S and Mercedes-AMG GT-R.

Unconfirmed Items:

  • The trio head to Western Canada, British Columbia and potentially Alberta, with a series of new SUVs. The trio also, allegedly, visited a race track called Area 27 south of where they were spotted in Penticton.
  • Clarkson races Hammond and May through New York, with Jeremy taking the new Ford GT for a ride and Hammond and May using public transport.

Gallery Edit

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