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May and Clarkson in Canada

Series 22, Episode 6 was the sixth episode of the twenty-second series of the BBC motoring show Top Gear. The episode was broadcast on the 1st of March, 2015.

Overview Edit

Power Test Edit


Jeremy Clarkson driving the Lexus RC F.

Clarkson hits the test track, for the first time this season, in the all-new Lexus RC F coupe. Finding it to be heavy, slow, and difficult to control, Jeremy switches to a dark blue LFA - a car he once said was his favourite ever made - to show that Lexus can and has been better.


Gillian Anderson will be the seventh celebrity in series twenty-two to take to the Top Gear test track in the reasonably priced car.

Film(s) Edit

Richard Hammond is air-lifted onto a mountain in the wilderness of Canada with a watch that he can send a distress signal from. Unfortunately for Hammond, in his case, the signal is to be received and acted upon by none other than Clarkson and May. Reluctantly, the pair set off on an epic quest to rescue their colleague using two pickup trucks, staging a race at the end to see who has to drive Hammond home.

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