Tg s22e05

Jeremy in the Moroccan desert

Series 22, Episode 5 was the fifth episode of the twenty-second series of the BBC motoring show Top Gear. The episode was broadcast on the 22nd of February, 2015.

Overview Edit

Power Test Edit

Hammond hits the track in the Porsche Cayman GTS and the all new Chevrolet Corvette.


British singer Olly Murs will try his hand in Top Gear's reasonably priced Vauxhall Astra, clocking a 1:44.60, the fastest lap time as of the date of airing.

Film(s) Edit

May Edit

Ferrari's latest and greatest supercarr, the LaFerrari, is finally put through its paces in Italy.

May and Clarkson Edit

Jeremy and James take a look back at the weird and wonderful history of the world's most indecisive car company - Peugeot - in a film in which the boys encounter corsets, artillery shells, and the desert sand.

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