Top gear season 17
Series 17 is the seventeenth series of the UK motoring show Top Gear which premiered on the 26th of June 2011. Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond all returned as presenters for this series. The seventeenth series consisted of six episodes and was the final season of Top Gear for 2011.


Episode Film(s) Power Test SIARPC
1 Richard tests the Marauder in Johannesburg, James races skeleton sled racer Amy Williams in a rally-spec Mini in Norway, Jeremy celebrates the 50th birthday of Jaguar E-type BMW 1 Series M Coupe (Jeremy) Alice Cooper
2 All three presenters travel to the Italian Riviera to test three of the latest hot hatchbacks, taking in a series of challenges along the way including a scavenger hunt and race around the Monaco GP track. Aston Martin Virage (James) Ross Noble
3 James travels to the Death Valley in Nevada to test the Range Rover Evoque, Richard and Jeremy attempt to buy a better second-hand car for the same price as the cheapest car in the UK. McLaren MP4-12C (Jeremy) Sebastian Vettel
4 The presenters each attempt to build a train from cars, noting that trains are very expensive. Jeremy builds one while Richard and James build another. Jaguar XKR-S vs Nissan GT-R (Jeremy) Rowan Atkinson
5 Jeremy tests the Jensen Interceptor before meeting with the other presenters to make a fake 70s title card, all three presenters become demolition men, using tanks to get the job done. Lotus T125 (Jeremy) Bob Geldof
6 James and Jeremy go for a trip to seaside in two of the latest electic cars, Richard visits a rally team consisting of wounded soldiers. Lamborghini Aventador (Richard) Louis Walsh