Top gear in the middle east

Top Gear in the desert of Syria

Series 16 was the 16th season of the BBC's car show Top Gear. The series contain seven episodes (the USA Supercar Road Trip Special is credited as being the seventh and final episode of the show's fifteenth series). Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond all returned for the sixteenth series which aired in January 2011, preceded by the two Christmas specials which aired in December of 2010.


Episode Film(s) Power Test SIARPC
Middle East Special Middle East Special None None
1 Jeremy subjects the new Skoda Yeti to one of his famously thorough road tests, Richard races a Porsche against a Beetle propelled by gravity. Ariel Atom V8 (James) John Bishop
2 The presenting team from Top Gear take on the presenting team from Top Gear Australia in a series of challenges which they dub the The Ashes. Ferrari 599 GTO (Jeremy) Borris Becker
3 The team head to Albania in an attempt to find the perfect Luxury Car for an Albanian mafia leader. Their tests culminate in the presenters robbing an Albanian bank. Ford Focus RS500, Cosworth Impreza STI, Vovlo C30 PCP (Jeremy) Jonathan Ross
4 The boys each buy a second hand four seater convertible and then meet up the test track for a series of challenges to see who got the best deal. Pagani Zonda R (Jeremy) Simon Pegg and Nick Frost
5 The presenters attempt to end the misery caused by snowfall in Britain by converting a combine harvester into a snow plough. They then travel to Norway to test their machine. Audi RS5, BMW M3 (Jeremy) Amber Heard
6 James heads to America to drive NASA's latest moon buggy, Jeremy races the new Jaguar XJ against the most powerful force in the universe: God. Ferrari F40, Porsche 959 (Richard) John Prescott

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