Top Gear episode
Series 1, Episode 6
Production Code GFGA006R
Episode # 6
Original airdate 24 November 2002
Guest stars Tara Palmer-Tomkinson
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Series 1, Episode 6 is the name of the sixth episode in the first series of Top Gear.



Clarkson drives the Renault Vel Satis through Swindon. He finds the ride to be too pillowy to cope with bad roads, and its looks to be too wacky for its target audience of executive car buyers. However, like the Renault Avantime, Clarkson loves the bold design.

Hammond drives the BMW Z4 in Portugal. He admits to not liking the wet BMW Z3, but finds the Z4 to be excellent. Clarkson disagrees, but allows it to be put onto the Cool Wall as a cool car.

Dawe looks at used Volkswagen Golfs. He laments briefly at the poor performance of petrol Golfs in the past two generations, and recommends the torque of the diesel versions to those who want performance. Dawe then looks at a metallic pea-green Golf with a beige interior and black dashboard, remarking that a poor choice of color and trim can make a secondhand Golf worth £500 less than if it was in a proper color scheme.

Clarkson drives his personal Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG around the track very carefully. Hammond notes to Clarkson that, according to a UK gay-oriented website, the SL55 AMG is considered to be the 4th gayest car. The car is then stolen by Hammond and given to the Stig for a lap. The Stig posts a time of 1:33.0 (Very Wet Track)


Dawe is with the "Grannies" while they learn how to handbrake park in a Mini.

Star in a Reasonably-Priced carEdit

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is reminded of her previous appearance on Top Gear and is grilled on her driving habits. Time of 1:54 is posted. (Wet track)

Power lapEdit

Honda are trying to decide whether or not to sell the NSX in Britain. The Stig takes the car on a wet track. He posts a time of 1:33.7. It should be noted that 1337 is 'leet' in internet-speak (one of the most common terms) and that this is a very rare coincidence.