Top Gear episode
Series 1, Episode 5
Production Code GFGA005X
Episode # 5
Original airdate 17 November 2002
Guest stars Jonathan Ross
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Series 1, Episode 5 is the name of the fifth episode in the first series of Top Gear.



Mercedes S-Class. After a short history lesson and noting "firsts" that now appear on many family and economical cars (like Anti-lock brakes and airbags), Clarkson fails to test drive the car after it refuses to heed his commands. He then goes for a test drive in an Audi A8 and notes that the Audi is more of a sports car than a luxury car.

Dawe looks at used Peugeot 206s. He lauds the car for having character and classlessness, and though he acknowledges that the prices are inflated by too much demand, he still recommends buying them because they will hold this value until again up for sale. Clarkson and Dawe agree that it's the best used car buy of the time.

Hammond goes to Germany to "test drive" a Maybach 62 and gushes over the numerous features of the car. He says that it is better than a Rolls-Royce, but it is the sort of thing that can only be appreciated by those who can afford it.

Clarkson then test drives a Bentley Arnage and thrashes the car on the Top Gear track. The Stig takes the luxury car to a time of 1:40.8 (Wet track).


Make an 'average' car into a Bond car, for less than £300. The result, a Rover 800 incorporating a paintball gun, a bullet-proof tea tray, a passenger ejector seat, and rocket tubes, makes a parody of
Rover 800 tg

Bond Car

many of the associated mods that grace many James Bond cars. It was built and introduced by Edd China.

Star in a Reasonably-Priced carEdit

Jonathan Ross while driving an extremely wet track, he is penalized two seconds for cutting over the Hammerhead corner and receives a time of 1:57.