Top Gear episode
Series 1, Episode 2
Production Code GFGA002P
Episode # 2
Original airdate 27 October, 2002
Guest stars Jay Kay
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Series 1, Episode 2 is the second episode of Top Gear since its 2002 revamp.



Lee Noble, founder of Noble cars, comes up with the M12 GTO, a car that sounds like Darth Vader. According to Jeremy, anyhow, providing him with the material for two laps worth of ridiculous puns. Clarkson admired the car for its handling, power and lack of understeer, but criticised its wide turning circle, wonky brake lights and the fact that the windows don't go down all the way. It went round a very wet track in 1.32.9.

Clarkson then went to Wales to test the Ford Focus RS against its rivals, the Subaru Impreza and the Honda Civic Type R. The Stig got his gloves on them and took them round the track. The Impreza managed 1.38.6 and the Civic 1.36.5. The Focus, however, managed 1.33.8. Clarkson was amazed because the Focus would be a dead loss in a drag race against the Impreza. Clarkson said that it "handles like a cartoon" and called it a "budget supercar", but said the differential and torque steer make it uncontrollable on bumpy B-roads.

Other StuffEdit

Jeremy states his belief that all good RS Fords bring "power to the people." Hammond agrees, but he doesn't like all RS'. He takes a look back on his childhood dream car, a 1977 Ford Escort RS1800.


Jamiroquai lead singer and car freak Jay Kay proved to be quite good, despite the cheapy Japanese-ness of the Suzuki Liana, posting a long-standing time of 1.48.1.


Hammond lived out his Evel Knievel fantasies by having a double-decker bus jump some motorbikes. It managed to cross three bikes and crashed into the eleven others.
Bus jump

Bus Jump