Twingo at harbour

The Renault Twingo plunging into the water at the Belfast harbour

The Sensible' Twingo Test (or simply Renault Twingo Test) was a test of the most current Renault Twingo of the time in Belfast. Jeremy tested the Renault Twingo 133 in the same manner as he tested the Ford Fiesta. Like the Fiesta test the Twingo test was broken into segments.


Is it fast?Edit

Clarkson proved that it was fast by driving it on back road. He also commented on how nimble on agile it was. However, against it's main rival, the Fiat 500, the Twingo was incredibly slow.

Is it economical?Edit

Clarkson proved that even though the Twingo did 40 miles to the gallon it's main rival, the Fiat 500, did 43 miles to the gallon.

Why don't I just buy a Fiat then?Edit

Clarkson said that you buy the Twingo over the Fiat because it cost 1000 pounds less and you don't have to go on a waiting list. He said that the list for a Fiat 500 Abarth stretched into 2010 (the film was shown in 2009).

Is it green?Edit

Clarkson proved that the Twingo wasn't green. It was red.

Is it comfortable?Edit

Clarkson stated that the Twingo was indeed comfortable expect for its chassis which caused Jeremy's 'lungs to pop out'.

Is it well equipped?Edit

Clarkson pointed out the Twingo was well equipped as it had all the normal features of a car. He was however, disappointed with the fact that the Twingo had no parachute system.

What if I want to go upside down in a tunnel?Edit

To test this a stunt driver went into the sewers of Belfast and successfully drove the car up and around the tunnel.

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