Fiesta on the beach

The Fiesta on the beach.

The 'Sensible' Fiesta Test (A.K.A. the Ford Fiesta Test) was a test conducted by Jeremy Clarkson of the most current Ford Fiesta of the time. The test was shown during the 12th season of Top Gear. Clarkson broke the test down into segment so that he could 'cover all the basics'.


Is it practical? Edit

Clarkson stated that the Fiesta was not practical as the seats didn't fold flat and the boot wasn't as big as some of the other cars in the same price range. He did however prove that there was room for a zebra's head in the boot. He also proved that there was room in the back of the Fiesta for the 'traditional' 2.2 children.

Is it economical?Edit

Clarkson stated that the Fiesta he was driving was 40kg lighter than the previous model. He also stated that there was another model called the Econetic which produces so little CO2 that you don't pay any road tax. Clarkson then stated that he wouldn't have that model because 'it will almost certainly be sh...'

Is it fun to drive?Edit

Clarkson pronounced that it was fun to drive as all Fords from the 1980's onwards were fun to drive.

Will it break down all the time?Edit

Clarkson stated that the Ford Fiesta 'hopefully' wouldn't break down all the time because it was made from the same parts that Ford has used for years. He also said that if 'you were worried about something going wrong' then theres a version that has nothing on it. Clarkson declared he wouldn't want one though because he bet that it would be 'also sh...'

Is it easy to park?Edit

Clarkson stated that the Fiesta is easy to park as it has windows and a steering wheel. He then backed into a car park to prove his point.

What if I go to a Shopping Centre and get chased by baddies in a Corvette?Edit

Jeremy in the Fiesta

A scene during the mall chase

To test this Clarkson drove into a closed mall and was 'suddenly' chased by a Corvette. Eventually after much chasing and crashing into things, the Corvette smashed into a table and 'didn't get out of the centre' whilst Clarkson in the Fiesta did.

Is it green?Edit

Clarkson proved that the Fiesta was indeed green (in colour).

Can I afford it? Edit

Clarkson stated that there were two models. The basic model at 8500 pounds and the 'decent' model at 11000 pounds. He then stated that 'so if you have 11000 pounds to buy a car then yes. But if you've only got 40p then probably...not'.

What if I'm asked to take part in a beach assault with the Royal Marines?Edit

To test this Clarkson did take part in a beach assault in his Fiesta. He drove off a landing carrier into shallow water and successfully drove the Fiesta up onto the beach whilst carrying soldiers. Clarkson then concluded that the Fiesta was perfect in a beach assault.