The third season of the US version of the BBC's Top Gear aired on the History Channel over the 2012 - 2013 TV season. Like the second season of the show the third season was broken into two parts with the first part of six episodes debuting on the 14th of August 2012 and the second part with the remaining ten episodes premiering on the 29th of January 2013. Rutledge Wood, Tanner Foust, and Adam Ferrara all returned as hosts of the show.


Part 1 (2012)Edit

Episode Description Winner
Police Cars It's the battle of the big 3 American car makers as the presenters attempt to find the best modern police car to replace the Ford Crown Victoria. Through a series of police-related challenges a winner is determined who gets to drive a Corvette Z06 Police Car.  Foust
Small Cars Small cars are becoming more and more popular and it's easy to see why. So which is best? To find out the presenters journey across Louisiana taking in a series of brutal challenges along the way. The Loser has to drive a Peel round their home town. Foust and Ferrara
Cult Classics The guys attempt to find an undervalued car and turn it into a cult classic. To find out who has done the best job the presenters have to sell their cars with their only advertisement being a live television commerical. The losers get to race 10 Series BMW's. Foust
One Tank How far can you go on one tank of fuel? To find out the presenters find the most economical car possible and race from Oregon to California to see who made the wisest choice. The winer gets to race the King of the Hammers against a Kayak. Wood
The Tractor Challenge The guys head to a farm in rural California to drive a slew of the most modern tractors. The winner of a series of challenges in these tractors get's to race the Lamborghini Aventador against a crop duster. Foust
Monument to Moab The guys attempt to prove that you don't need a 4x4 to go off road by hiring a trio of rental cars and setting off an journey over the harshest desert terrain - attempting to drive from Monument to Moab across the Utah plains. Foust and Wood

Part 2 (2013)Edit

Episode Description Winner
College Cars The guys find out who had the best car in college by heading on a spring break road trip through Northern Mexico. Wood
America's Toughest Car The guys set out to find America's toughest car, selecting what a vehicle they believe should hold this title, and battling it out in a slew of challenges. The winner gets to race a Mercedes against the US army. Foust
RVs The presenters attempt to build their own RVs, as actual RVs are incredibly expensive. They then travel through North Carolina to see whose is the best; the trip culminates in a race around a dirt NASCAR track. Wood
150 MPH Challenge 150 MPH is a very fast speed and to find out how little you can spend to reach this speed the presenters each buy the fastest and cheapest car they can find and then meet up in the desert for some challenges. The winner gets to drive a Bugatti Veyron. Foust and Wood
Taxis The presenters travel to Las Vegas in an effort to build their own taxis. The presenters then become taxi drivers for the night, shuttling passengers up and down the Las Vegas strip. The winner gets to race a McLaren 12C against a Jet. Foust
Adam's Show Control of Top Gear US is given to Adam who decides to finally drive his dream car, play a game of American Football in cars, and invent a car that can protect it's driver from the biggest danger on the road: other drivers. None
Doomsday Drive The presenters head to the Californian desert to convert a Camry into the ultimate apocalypse-ready vehicle. They then test their combined creation with a series of challenges which sees the return of the American Stig. All
Mammoth Mountain To test a trio of SUVs the presenters take a road trip across California tackling every different type of terrain they can find. Their trip takes them to the Rocky Mountains where they are tasked with driving their SUVs to the top of Mammoth Mountain. Foust
Minnesota Ice Driving The presenters head to Minnesota to find out how cheaply you can buy a winter beater. The winner gets to race the new Bentley Continetal against a snow-boarder down a ski slope. Foust
Viking Trucks The guys head to Iceland in an attempt to reach the virgin land of an active volcano in and prove to the Icelandic locals that American trucks are the toughest.  All