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Sabine Schmitz was born 14 May 1969), is a former -Professional driver for BMW.

In 2004 she appeared in top gear in a Jaguar on her only turn using the same car, she beat Jeremy's lap time of 9 minutes 59 seconds by 45 seconds and claimed she could beat it in a van her second appearance on the show, she actually drove a Ford Transit van but could not beat the time. She won an award for best German driver.

She is the host of ashow that is similar to Top Gear which had a British German driving contest with was won by the Top Gear hosts.

She has also raced The Stig on a Jeremy Clarkson DVD super car showdown.

Rumor Edit

Whenever there are calls for a female host on Top Gear she is almost always included as a possible contender .

Apperance Edit

Absolutely gorgeous. Blonde hair and beautiful, her German accent helps with the cute factor as well as she has quite a fierce attitude and very serious about her job. One of the best female drivers I have ever seen, far better than that NASCAR woman Danica.... uh... forgot her last name.

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