The Land Cottage

Richard's Homemade Motorhome

Richard's Homemade Motorhome was an invention of Richard Hammond's that was constructed for a challenge that was featured during the fifteenth series of Top Gear. The motorhome was made from an old Land Rover.


Richard's Motorhome was inspired by the RV. The car itself was a bed and a transporter for the many panels that made up the actual home. Once properly constructed the panels turned into assorted rooms like a games room, library, and bedroom.

Road TestEdit

After constructing their motorhomes the presenters were told to drive themselves to Cornwall for a 'camping holiday'. On the journey Richard discovered a flaw in his design. Richard cut out some of the Land Rover's body so that the panels would fit. This created a draft that Richard found unbearable. What made it worse was that the Land Rover's heater didn't work properly. The presenters pulled over as Richard's panels had collapsed. Eventually they reached the campsite, although Jeremy got a warning light on the dashboard and was left behind. Richard began to assemble his house but James and Jeremy eventually got bored and went for dinner at a pub. That night they returned to see Hammond still working on his house. He eventually finished it but found it hard to sleep as the panels made loud noises with the wind. Their next challenge was to drive to a beach and get changed into a wetsuit inside their motorhomes. Richard was forced to 'steal' a child's tent to get changed in because he had left all the panels at his campsite thus, a big gap in the sides of his motorhome. After their surfing lessons were interrupted, and Jeremy's car got stuck, they were instructed to cook a meal in their motorhomes using nothing but what they could buy from a service station. Richard decided to make the dessert but was stopped before he could finish when his motorhome caught on fire. They were unsuccessful in extinguishing all of the flames. The next day, after evicting some sheep who crashed for the night in the remains, Hammond, Clarkson and May drove themselves to a 'beauty spot' which was a cliff. Whilst Jeremy got an ice cream from a shop at the foot of the cliff Richard and James hatched a plan to park his car right on the edge. Their plan failed and Jeremy's motorhome was destroyed when it went over the edge.