The Rambulance was the ambulance that Jeremy Clarkson built for the homemade ambulance challenge which featured in the third episode of the show's twenty-second series. The rambulance - also referred to as the 'sports ambulance' - was built by modifying an old Porsche 944 Turbo. The rambulance was successful in a number of the challenges which it completed but ultimately came second to Hammond's ambulance by two points.

Design Edit

Originally the Porsche was brown but Jeremy gave it a blue body and orange decorations. The siren used is the song 'Stayin Alive' better known as the CPR song. A button could be pressed to make a ram come down from above the roof.

Testing Edit

The Porsche was chosen by Jeremy because of its speed and the massive boot. It came first in the initial challenge, the drag race. Jeremy then modified it to a more ambulancey design, as well as giving it 300 more horsepowers and a hydraulic handbrake. The Rambulance performed well in the medical procedures challenge, but came second by seven seconds to Richard's ambulance. Jeremy also completed no medical procedures. Its patient delivery system was the simplest of the three, relying on centrifugal force (James, the smartest of the three, even commented he could see where it was going), but it failed on its first demonstration. During their first emergency deployment, the Rambulance's siren failed miserably, but so did the others. Jeremy was second to arrive at the crash site, and the two rams proved useful in clearing cars from its path. He was also second to reach the hospital, but the first to deliver a patient and the only one to deliver it alive. Despite all these successes, however, the Rambulance came second to Richard's Chevy.