The Race to Oslo was an epic race in Series 6, Episode 6, which consisted of Hammond & May catching a plane from Heathrow & Newcastle, and then catching a cruise ferry from Newcastle to Kristiansand, Norway. Meanwhile, Clarkson would drive from Heathrow to the Channel tunnel, take the channel train to France, and then drive across Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden & finally to Oslo, Norway.

Jeremy Clarkson used a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

The RaceEdit

Clarkson thundered off from Heathrow, while Hammond & May checked into the airport for their flight and were forced to wait around for nearly an hour before they were allowed to board their British airways flight to Newcastle. Meanwhile, Clarkson was able to get to the Channel Tunnel, but due to a complication in planning, missed his train.

By the time, Clarkson was able to board the next train to France, and finally depart after the pesky and annoying health and safety announcements in English and French, Hammond & May had boarded their plane, taken off and already landed in Newcastle, before taking a bus to the Harbor, where they boarded the Princess of Scandinavia cruise ferry, which would take them across the North Sea to Kristiansand in Norway over a 17-hour period.

Clarkson finally reached France and was thundering across it as Hammond & May steamed out of the Newcastle Harbor into the North sea on the ferry. Clarkson was able to make it across Belgium with ease, before hitting Holland at rush hour.

Clarkson re-routed his trip and drove across the Zuiderzee-dike (In dutch Afsluitdijk) to avoid the traffic as the sun began to set. Hammond and May meanwhile were able to eat dinner and go to a pub aboard the cruise ferry, before checking out a disco aboard the pub, along with a traditional scandinavian cultural show.

Clarkson was able to make up for lost time on the un-restricted speed sections of Germany's autobahn. To prevent running out of fuel to quickly, since the Merc drinks a lot,  he didn't go flat out but instead strategically held back and reached 160 miles per hour (256 km/u). It seems that the SLR empties its fuel tank of 20 galleons in 19 minutes, if driven at the top speed of 208 mph/334 km/u.

Meanwhile Hammond and May were able to turn in and discuss about wherever Jeremy was going to turn in as well. As Clarkson hit Denmark, he began to feel weary and kept pressing on, while drinking Coffee and Red Bull, refulling several times and eating Spunk, before calling it quits for the day and catching some shut-eye outside a service station located just outside of Copenhagen.

Clarkson awoke early in the morning and got over the Oresund bridge (to the music of M83 before the dawn heals us Moonchild) on to Sweden as Hammond & May had breakfast and prepared to undock as the ferry approached Kristiansand. Meanwhile, Clarkson was frantically trying to regain the lead. May & Hammond got off the ferry at Kristiansand at 9:00am Norway time and took a speed boat to get to Oslo, however, Hammond suffered from sea sickness and the power boat they were using blew its motor, causing May and Hammond to transfer into the smaller chase boat to try and complete their journey, as Clarkson finally hit Norway and had to suffer with the one-lane highways nearly all the way to Oslo.

Hammond & May pushed the chase boat to the very limits, but after hitting a large wave, the boats rib burst and they ended up in the small town of Stavern, Norway as Clarkson hit the finishing point in Oslo and won the race.

Richard & James lost so badly that Jeremy was able to fly back to London, drive back home and was halfway through supper (or dinner if you prefer) before Richard & James got to the finishing point in Oslo, marking a victory for Clarkson and a dire loss for May and Hammond.