Top gear jeremy scooter

Jeremy's scooter.

Mobility Scooter'
, also referred to as Fenton and the Pro-Rider Road King, was a creation built and designed by Jeremy Clarkson  for the off-road mobility scooter challenge that was featured in series eighteen of Top Gear. Jeremy made his creation out of two scooters so that the final scooter would be ideal for off-roading. Jeremy tested his creation with the others in Abergavenny before partaking in an off-road race against wounded soldiers. 


To create his scooter Jeremy combined the front and rears of two different scooters to create an eight wheel machine; this meant he had two engines, one for four wheel drive at the rear and one for four wheel steering at the front. He also added 'chunky' lawnmower tires to his scooter, a sound system which supports iPod and iPhone connectivity, binoculars for bird watching, and a basket at the rear for storage. Also for bird watching, Jeremy built a hide for his scooter that fits over the top and camoflauges him against the Welsh forest.



To first ensure that their mobility scooters were multipurpose (they work in the town and the country) they went for a ride through the nearby Welsh town of Abergavenny. In the town Jeremy discovered that his turning circle was too large and disobeyed the 4 mile per hour speed limit in front of a group of policeman. He later tried going into a bookstore and accidentally reversed into a shelf. As a final test Jeremy tried to fit his mobility scooter into a disabled lavatory; he managed to get all of his scooter inside except for the back wheels.

Off Road RaceEdit

After testing their machines in Abergavenny the presenters lined up for a race against three wounded soldiers who were using off-road scooters that they had bought themselves. Prior to this Jeremy tested out his hide, concluding after running it over and crashing inside it that it "clearly needed more work". Clarkson got drawn into an early drag race with Hammond up the first rise and ended up jamming his steering in the process. Having mended his scooter with Hammond, Clarkson then continued up the hill knocking himself in the head with his binocular stand. After a few more minutes of succesful off-roading Jeremy eventually got his scooter stuck near a tree. Whilst winching him free, Hammond accidentally toppled his scooter over however, he had managed to get it unstuck. Hammond and Clarkson attempted to continue their 'teamwork' but after Hammond failed to 'ram' Clarkson up a hill they abondoned their partnership. Whilst Hammond continued in pursuit of the soldiers Clarkson discovered that it was easier to ride his scooter when lying down on top of it. Eventually though, Jeremy destroyed his scooter after it fell down a steep hill and crashed into a fence.

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