The TerraMax as seen on Top Gear

The Oshkosh TerraMax is an autonomous military vehicle developed and produced by American company Oshkosh. The TerraMax was specifically designed to be an off-road support vehicle. The vehicle is completely driverless, it operates on the basis of data it receives via a rotating column on the roof of the vehicle. The column contains 64 individual lasers which read the terrain and then feed this information to the TerraMax's computer. The TerraMax interprets this data shading parts of the road ahead either red or green depending on the type of terrain the lasers read. Green indicates that the terrain is manageable while red indicates terrain that is to be avoided. From this information the TerraMax can plot it's own course, the computer operating the wheel, engine, brakes, and accelerator. The Oshkosh TerraMax was featured in the fifth episode of the nineteenth series of Top Gear, in which James May, in a new Range Rover, raced the vehicle across a valley in Nevada. 

Nevada RaceEdit

More to come.

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